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Cryptocurrency is the currency of the future, and BTC RING looks forward to expanding cryptocurrency trading globally through publicity, education, and new initiatives.

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We have prepared for novice miners how to participate in mining pool mining through web3 wallets and exchanges


BTC-RING Liquidity Node Mining

1. To participate in mining, you only need to deposit idle assets into your own wallet without pledging to the platform. The mining pool smart contract address allocates computing power. No manual intervention.

2.2. The platform contract address has been audited by security agencies, audit reports are published regularly, and the platform has released a blockchain white paper.

3. The platform establishes an official community and provides a platform for miners to communicate and provide feedback on issues.

4. The platform settles the income every 24 hours, and the income automatically reaches your wallet.

5. The computing power value of the platform mainly comes from: mines in Iceland, mines in Hong Kong, and mines in Inner Mongolia. The platform welcomes all miners to visit.

6. The platform provides offline mining machine hosting services. For details, please contact the platform customer service.

Why is mining needed?

Mining is the process used in cryptocurrency networks to verify transactions and maintain network security. Mining nodes protect the token network from malicious attacks by solving complex mathematical problems. These mathematical problems require a lot of computing power to solve, so mining usually requires specialized high-performance mining machines to complete. When miners successfully solve a mathematical problem, they will receive a certain amount of USDT as a reward. The platform has an independent and large mine that provides powerful cryptocurrency computing capabilities. The platform integrates the computing power of the mine and distributes it to the platform nodes. Every miner participating in mining generates liquidity node mining income.

our mission

We believe that blockchain technology is improving the world, and we are committed to being a core driver of this booming technology and providing the best infrastructure for everyone to participate.

our team

BTC RING is a mining equipment manufacturing company. It is the largest provider of cloud computing capabilities in the market, with more than 350,000 users worldwide. We provide our clients with easy access to small, medium and large mining contracts. Launched in late 2017, our cryptocurrency cloud mining service provides a simple, secure way to access the computing power of the cloud without having to deal with complex hardware and software setup. We provide managed cryptocurrency mining services and various mining related solutions to both small and large clients. The platform launches liquidity node mining service, aiming to serve every cryptocurrency participant in the simplest way. It exceeds the average computing power value of global mines and allows miners participating in the platform to participate in liquidity mining (USDT deposits automatically earn coins) to enjoy The highest computing power value income.

our service

BTC-RING provides a range of infrastructure, software and platform services to the blockchain industry. It is now a significant data center operator and provider of hosting and hosting services to enterprise and individual customers, with applications ranging from video rendering to artificial intelligence and blockchain development applications. Our mission is to provide clients with competitively priced managed services that replace upfront capital infrastructure expenditures with low variable costs that scale based on client needs.


Participate in platform liquidity mining immediately and deposit idle assets (USDT tokens) into your own web3.0 wallet (supports mainstream web3qianb on the market, such as Tokenpock wallet, Trust wallet, metamask wallet, etc.). Depending on the deposit amount, the mining pool Allocate computing power values to help you improve the liquidity of the blockchain and obtain packaging rewards for new blocks, allowing us to welcome the wonderful experience brought by the web3.0 era.

Notice: Using USDT tokens as the settlement income for miners can reduce mining losses caused by token price fluctuations to a greater extent.

Our Team

As an early industry adopter and blockchain pioneer, BTC RING has accumulated extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the blockchain ecosystem and gained deep cryptocurrency market insights: Dedicated DLT developers on blockchain Write beautiful distributed applications and experienced data center engineers design, build and manage mining farms around the world. BTC RING offers a variety of managed cloud mining services, such as cryptocurrency mining, as well as in-house fundamental and quantitative blockchain research.

Marco Streng
Marco Streng is a pioneer in the cryptocurrency mining industry. In 2017, he co-founded and launched BTC RING, leading the organization to become one of the largest cryptocurrency mining companies in the world, serving over 2,000,000 customers.
Dr. Marco Krohn
Marco is CFO and Co-Founder of G-MINING and BTC RING. He holds a PhD in Physics and is an early adopter and pioneer in the blockchain industry with over 15 years of expertise in public and private companies in the banking and digital asset industries.

Björn Arzt
Mr. Arzt is a capital markets expert with over 15 years of legal experience. He previously served as senior legal counsel at UniCredit Bank.

community comments

OUR Earnings

According to the number of USDT tokens miners deposit into their wallets, the blockchain liquidity rate of return increases steadily. Please refer to the following values.

Affected by the saturation of the mining pool's computing power, the platform will limit the number of people who can sign up for mining in order to ensure the income of all miners.

Mining wallet deposit


  • 24 hours profit of 2.15-2.80%
  • Automatically earn USDT tokens
  • No need to stake tokens
  • Self-managed mining assets
  • Number of people limit: 3,000 people

Mining wallet deposit


  • 24 hours profit of 2.80-3.85%
  • Automatically earn USDT tokens
  • No need to stake tokens
  • Self-managed mining assets
  • Number of people limit: 1000 people

Mining wallet deposit


  • 24 hours profit of 3.85-4.95%
  • Automatically earn USDT tokens
  • No need to stake tokens
  • Self-managed mining assets
  • Number of people limit: 500 people

Mining wallet deposit

50000$ and above

  • 24 hours profit of 4.95-5.85%
  • Automatically earn USDT tokens
  • No need to stake tokens
  • Self-managed mining assets
  • Number of people limit: 300 people

The platform has been running stably for more than 6 years

Our service was launched at the end of 2017 and the platform has attracted more than 9,000,0 miners to participate as blockchain validators

© We released a platform white paper in 2017

User address: revenue output/24 h

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